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A man is a multidimensional being that contains physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions. All those spheres influence each other mutually creating the state of harmony (health) or disharmony (disease). In our center we offer holistic ways of treating disease and tools for health optimization which take into an account the complexity of human nature and interdependence of its dimensions. We selected them in a way that each individual can be simultaneously and optimally supported on each level and guided the fastest way to the state of harmony and realization of his full potential.

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Coaching is a self-discovery tool that makes it easier for you to consciously manage your life. If you want to introduce beneficial changes in your life, if you dream about realizing your desires and talents, coaching can help you by expanding your consciousness.
Coaching covers:

• Consciousness expansion
(reconnecting with your true self)

• Change of beliefs
(recognizing harmful beliefs and replacing them with new ones)

• Change of habits
(identifying bad habits and replacing them with new ones)

• Working with language
(conscious use of language is the element of conscious creation of reality)

• Taming the unknown
(shifting from unknown as a danger to unknown as an infinite potential of possibilities)

• Making an individual action strategy
(what is your fastest way to reach your goal)

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You have heard about Biohacking but you don't really know what you can get from it? You want to optimize your health and have more energy but you have no idea how to start? Biohacking will let  you learn how to adjust your external and internal environment for optimizing your health and maximizing your potential. This knowledge will enable you to improve such spheres of your life as nutrition, sleep, exercise, mind and increase the amount of your energy. Biohacking Compendium as coaching sessions aim towards the analysis of how you can become the best version of yourself. Our work covers:

• diet, sleep patterns, exercise and relaxation analysis and introducing changes optimal for you

• discussion of the newest trends in Biohacking which enable you to reach maximal results with minimal costs 

• making an individualized plan which will help you step by step implement new, beneficial habits to your life

Biohacking was created by men, mostly men are engaged in its development and most of the studies about beneficial effects of Biohacking methods were conducted on males. All these facts make „traditional” biohacking a version that can be too harsh for females. Why? Because it does not take into consideration the characteristics of female’s energy and periodicity of changes taking place in female bodies. Strictly following many of Biohacking methods by women may disrupt their natural hormonal rhythm and lead to further health imbalances. If you want to become a conscious female Biohacker those sessions are for you. What will you learn?

• how to modify your diet, exercise, sleep and environment to favor your health

• how to hack your biology with the newest discoveries of Biohacking

• how to organize your external environment so it is optimal for your health

• how to consciously manage your energy from the perspective of periodicity that influences your biology

• what can be the root of your fertility problems, PCOS, hormonal imbalances and how they can contribute to further unfavorable changes in your health

• how to choose methods of Biohacking that are optimal for you 

Each of us is a unique being that manifests itself in this realm in a unique way. This is why only you, not anyone else, have the key to your own growth, fulfillment and happiness. But if on this path to self discovery you need a partner – you are in the right place. Life Coaching will help you to remind yourself of who you really are, who you have always been and how to choose life you have always wanted to create.


Your brain is in control of proper functioning of your body and optimal use of infinite potential of your mind. We can train it so it can work more optimally. Neurofeedback training consists of recording and analysis of electric activity of the brain and gives us feedback about the changes in brainwave patterns. This teaches you how to consciously manage the activity of your brain and use its resources more efficiently. The benefits of the training include:

• improvement of cognitive functions (memory, concentration, creativity, focus)

• better stress response

• easier access to relaxation

• emotional intelligence improvement

• sleep regulation

• better mood

• greater self-awarness

• improvement in general health

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Client sits down comfortably in a chair. Electrodes are being attached to his head in certain places which register the pattern of brainwaves. The brainwaves activity feedback is being delivered by the special game (while the coach sees the wave graph). Client controls the game with his brainwaves. If he succeeds in generating specific brainwaves he is being rewarded. This allows the brain to gradually learn a new optimal pattern. Repeated sessions bring permanent imprint of the new pattern in the brain and ability to manage the waves consciously.

• autistic children

• children with ADHD and hyperactivity

• dyslexics

• people with speech disorder

• children with learning problems

• people who experienced brain injury

• depressed people

• athletes

• everyone who wants to improve creativity, concentration and memory

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

The oxygen is transported to the tissues in two ways – bound by hemoglobin or dissolved in plasma. When we are under normal atmpspheric pressure, the oxygen gets into pulmonary alveolus and later into plasma and bounds with hemoglobin. Hemoglobin bounds 97,5 % of oxygen getting into the lungs while around 1 % is transported in free form (physically dissolved in plasma). The remaining part of oxygen is not used.

Durning the HBOT we see the increase of solubility of oxygen in plasma. This allows hemoglobin to be almost completely saturated by oxygen and we can get even more of its transport thanks to its increased solubility in plasma. High concentration of oxygen in plasma helps to increase the diffusion of oxygen from capilaries to surrounding them hypotic tissues. During the HBOT oxygen transport to tissues is possible also in the case of hemoglobin deficiency and, theoretically, in the case of its complete absence.

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When dysfunctional tissues and organs receive more life-giving oxygen, natural repair mechanisms of the body can function more efficiently. Regeneration process can take place even in those areas where blood flow has been stopped or impeded (in the case of different injuries or damages).

Because oxygen activates deep processes of regeneration and healing, hyperbaric oxygen therapy finds its application in different ailments:

• neurological diseases

• autism

• lyme disease and coinfections

• immune support system

• skin issues

• wounds difficult to heal

• diabetic wounds

• sudden hear loss

• tinnitus

• intestinal issues

• sport (increases endurance and speeds up regeneration)

• sport injuries

• fibromyalgia

• migraines

• slowing down aging

• improving concentration

One of the most effective uses of HBOT is optimization of brain functioning. Although the weight of the brain is only 2 % of the whole body, this organ has an impressive energetic needs – it uses over 20 % of the oxygen utilized by the body. It is not a surprise that increased amount of this life-giving element brings about fenomenal results in increasing our cognitive functions.

The higher supply of the oxygen in the brain area:

• improves microcirculation

• stimulates angiogenesis

• stimulates neurogenesis

• reduces inflammation

• awakens dormant areas and cells of the brain

• facilitates to restore brain-blood-barrier (BBB) in the case of ischemia

• supports formation of new neural connections which makes it easier to change beliefs and replace them with new ones