Infinitmind is your partner in both: optimizing the way your mind works and in conscious creating of your future. We rely on the most recent achievements of Biohacking: Neurofeedback, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Coaching. Synergy of those methods maximizes the effect of each of them.

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We are based in Gdańsk, Poland
Rysunek tuzina zapalonych żarówek połączonych ze sobą na wzór konaru drzewa

Activate the infinite
potential of your mind

Each of us is a creator. Each of us creates his own, unique and one of a kind Universe. We create the future in the immaterial sphere of our minds that manifests itself in tangible reality. We do it every moment, in the smallest fraction of a second.

If you want to activate infinite space of the potential of your mind and become an Artist of Life, you are in the right place.

Our methods

We use the latest and most effective methods of working with the mind in the Biohacking field: Coaching, Neurofeedback and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. These tools will help you improve and optimize functioning of your mind and consciously create your future. Used together they will significantly accelerate those processes. Your brain is the receiver of your consciousness. When it functions optimally it enables you to manifest the full potential of your mind.  

Working with your mind is the first step to abandoning limiting beliefs. It will help you to discover the infinite potential of possibilities and consciously create your future. Because it is waiting for you and it will manifest in your life. But for it to be in line with your vision – and not only come to you – don't wait and dive into the depths of your unconsciousness and discover the rules that govern your life. Stop being a victim. Become an Artist who creates its life consciously.

I'm a mom of a boy with autism. We started our adventure with hyperbaric chamber when the center first opened, few years ago. After first conversation with very friendly Miss Magda I decided to get full protocol, which means at least 20 sessions. Both me and my son were using the chamber. It brought many benefits for both of us, although not immediately. Weeks or months after the therapy, my son could concentrate better so his school performance improved. It also brought change for me: consistent mood improvement, health benefits (my sinuses cleared), I made some important decisions, too. Thanks to that, today we have our youngest daughter, Wiktoria, and our son Piotr is not only better functioning, but most important – he is a happier teenager. After the whole series of treatment, we decided to get more single sessions because their effect was refreshing and antidepressive. I can honestly recommend this treatment especially  as miss Magda is a very interesting and nice person and being there was a pure pleasure!

Magdalena Świetlik

Fantastic health center. Professional service with special attention for the customer's needs. Noticeable improvements on the health of my son. Definitely to repeat again.

Pedro Antão

I highly recommend for all autistic and „tired with life” people. Not only does the contact with reality get better, but also it makes your energy levels and enthusiasm spike. Also afternoon drops in energy levels are not as annoying as before sessions. One does not need caffeine anymore. Besides, Miss Magda who works in this office, is a very intelligent and nice person with an open mind and talking to her is a pure pleasure. As long as I live in Poland I won't go to any other place for hyperbarics. Great stuff!

Agnieszka Urbańska
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